Agile Engineering

ReqEn Consulting is a consulting, coaching and training company specializing in agile engineering. System engineering and requirements engineering are the areas of excellence and founding areas of the company.

Our main objective is to advise and support our customers in their transformation towards greater agility while increasing the quality of the products they design. While engineering makes it possible to design the right products within costs and deadlines, agility promotes the rapid design of products, iteratively and incrementally.

Why ReqEn?

Too often, the implementation of agile practices (locally or scaled) is at the expense of mastering engineering processes, methods and techniques.

By combining engineering and agility, while respecting the values and principles of both worlds, agile engineering improves communication and fosters collaboration between project teams.


ReqEn Consulting

The company was founded by Stéphane Badreau, consultant, coach and trainer in system engineering and requirements engineering. With more than 30 years of experience in various sectors (industry and Information System), Stéphane has a recognized expertise in the development of complex systems and software. For the past few years, he has been working in agile environments and helping clients implement best engineering practices.