ReqEn Consulting advises organizations whose responsibility is to define and implement complex systems and information systems.

We work at all stages of a product's lifecycle; in terms of setting needs, specifying requirements, designing architecture, achieving, validating and maintaining.

We intervene in any way a product is developed; cascading, V, iterative, incremental, spiral, agile.

  • On requirements engineering; discipline that consists primarily of establishing and maintaining a system or software-specific repository of requirements. This repository is used to trace requirements and ensure the satisfaction of need at all stages of the system or software lifecycle.
  • On system and software engineering; discipline of formalizing and apprehending the design of complex systems and software by meeting the criteria of cost, time and performance.
  • On improving engineering and development processes with functional (marketing, business) and operational directorates (methods, research and development, IT).

ReqEn Consulting can conduct audits on engineering processes, assessing the level of maturity of the organization (teams, roles, skills), processes and deliverables.

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